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Real Swedish
Akvavit Heritage

Åhus akvavit is the culmination of over a century of locally honed distillation methods and recipes from its provenance and namesake Åhus, a tiny seaside village in southern Sweden. For many years, all Swedish aquavits were produced here and here only. Today, we make only one; Åhus, a modern expression of our village's heritage and craftsmanship. At the center of Åhus lies the Spiritchurch, the heart and soul of our town. Built in 1906, this four-story copper still distillery has been been home to generations of passion and craftsmanship and continues to operate today.

Akvavit, Swedish for aqua vitae in Latin, or “water of life”, was created during the 15th century by monks as a medicine comprised of secret botanical blends, soaked and distilled into a clear spirit and believed by many to have mystical properties. A century later aquavit migrated from the apothecaries to the dinner tables, as Swedish families and friends raised tiny snaps glasses overflowing with the chilled spirit in celebration of life and happiness. To this day, no Swedish celebration is complete without it.


Our methods aren’t much different from the life-affirming alchemy of the original monks. Starting with a distillate of locally farmed winter wheat and aquifer water, five botanicals are macerated and sent through a copper pot still separately, then meticulously blended.


Characteristically earthy caraway (of course!), herbal rosemary and bright lemon peel are highlighted with lighter-handed touches of fennel and Seville orange, resulting in a clean-tasting, versatile spirit.


Earthy caraway and refreshing, herbaceous rosemary dominate the nose followed on the palate by bright citrus and sweet, subtle fennel. Silky mouthfeel with a medium long finish that’s spicy and fresh.


Åhus Akvavit is rooted in its heritage and the traditions from Åhus. But it is a created to bring modernity to this category and make it relevant for new drinkers.