About åhus

In the southernmost part of Sweden lies a seaside village where the country’s most cherished traditions joyfully coexist with a passion for innovation. In Åhus, we can bridge our long distillation heritage with the future. Reimagining the possibilities of aquavit, one botanical at a time.


Akvavit, aquavit, or aqua vitae (“water of life” in Latin), was created during the 15th century by monks as a medicine comprised of secret botanical blends, soaked and distilled into a clear spirit and believed to have mystical properties.

Used for over a century to cure both physical and spiritual ailments, aquavit’s alleged healing benefits were eventually dismissed as superstition and bottles migrated from apothecaries to dinner tables. Swedish families and friends raised tiny snaps glasses filled with the chilled spirit in celebration of life, health and happiness. To this day, no festivity is complete without it.

Today, there are strict set of legal standards in order for a spirit to be a true aquavit. The primary flavor has to be caraway and/or dill, produced using a rectified spirit and at least 37.5% alcohol by volume. In order to be considered a true Swedish aquavit, it must also contain fennel.


Spiritchurch in Åhus

Åhus is a tiny seaside village in the southern Sweden region of Skåne. At the center of Åhus lies the Spiritchurch. Built in 1906, this four-story copper distillery has been been home to generations of craftsmanship and continues to operate today. Although for much of the 20th century, all Swedish aquavits were produced here, now we make only one; Åhus Akvavit, a modern expression of our heritage.




Botanicals for Åhus Akvavit are thoughtfully selected for flavor and quality. Some spices and herbs are farmed and foraged locally while other ingredients, like citrus, are pulled from locales around the world with climates suited to grow the best possible fruit. Once gathered, Åhus botanicals are dried and stored in our Spice Room, where they await maceration.


Herbs, citrus peels and spices are individually soaked in a solution of pristine aquifer water and fine spirit distilled from locally grown winter wheat to extract flavor from the botanicals. Time, alcohol concentration and temperature are tailored for the maceration of each unique ingredient.


Once ready, the macerated components are distilled in copper to purify and improve the flavor profile. The distillation process is unique to each botanical, as we meticulously pull just the right slice of each spirit’s body from between the head and the tail.


To create the specific flavour profile of Åhus Akvavit, the proportions of the different distillates are very important. With five individual botanical spirits and a base of neutral fine spirit, the unique flavor profile of Åhus Akvavit can now be blended together, producing a finished aquavit that has been lovingly crafted from the moment the first seed was foraged.


The finished Åhus Akvavit blend is then carefully filled into bottles and ready to see the world.


Team Åhus Akvavit is small but mighty! We share a passion for exploring Sweden’s terroir and introducing its spirit and traditions to our global community. As travelers and curious imbibers ourselves, we set out to honor our heritage of craftsmanship and innovation by taking a fresh look at aquavit and reimagining its role in today’s cultural fabric.



Working with botanicals foraged and cultivated locally, we’re dedicated to discovering all the different ways our native plant life can be expressed through the distillation process. Teasing out delicate flavors and harnessing bold ones. Capturing ephemeral blooms at their peak, fruit at perfect ripeness and all the interesting moments in between.